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[Fic] Cricketslashes [Assorted Pairings]
Title: New Perspective
Genre: PWP oneshot
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 7,057
Pairing: Steven Finn/Stuart Broad, Alastair Cook/Stuart Broad, Kevin Pietersen/Alastair Cook
Synopsis: When Stuart finds himself lusting over Steven in a completely different way, there’s only one person he goes to for help – because Cricket is not the only game in which Alastair knows the best techniques.
AN: For Omgbroady because Sub!Stuart is a kink of ours.

Title: Halfway to Anywhere
Genre: Gen romance oneshot
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 3,090
Pairing: Kevin Pietersen/Alastair Cook
Synopsis: A day at Ellery Creek is a date for a couple that just does not do dates.
AN: What were we meant to think when they go off and spend a day half naked (and wet) together whilst the others indulge in some indigenous culture?

Title: Cobweb Headaches
Genre: Collection of drabbles and fluff-fics
Rating: PG-13 - R
Wordcount: N/A
Pairing: Kevin Pietersen/Alastair Cook
Synopsis: Stated on each fic
AN: Nonsense pieces because the pairing has possessed my muse.

Title: The Mighty Fall
Genre: Chaptered romance.
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: N/A
Pairing: Kevin Pietersen/Alastair Cook (others implied)
Synopsis: It starts with a mistake at a hotel and they have to share a room. It doesn't have to go anywhere, but Kevin starts to notice how attractive Alastair really is. It ends up way out of hand.
AN: I regret nothing.

Oh dear lord...
This was a scary journey through time.

#2005WasABadYear #2006WasABadYear #2006WasWhenIWasAMassiveEmo
#2007IHatedSpain #2008WasAGoodYear #2009IDEK
#2010WasFun #2011TheKoakumaMadeHerselfKnown #ByeByeChaos
#HulloTsuri #PossiblyRegressedIntoTheGirlyChildhoodINeverHad

[Photos] New Family Members
Blue ones are the ones we've had for a while now. Green ones - all girls - are the new kids on the block!


[Fic] Sojourn [Prince Hal/Ned Poins]
Prince Hal
Title: Sojourn
Genre: Stratford Smut. Kind-of-maybe-not softcore kind of PWP
Rating: R?
Wordcount: 1,249
Pairing: Prince Hal/Ned Poins (The Hollow Crown [Henry IV])
Synopsis: How it came to pass that Ned Poins became the Prince of Wales’ shadow.
AN: So, it seems for the time being, I'm the only one writing Hal/Poins. Which is a crying shame. C'mon. That pairing is basically canon.

Ned wonders if this is the end of their friendshipCollapse )

[Fic] Aftermath [Sephiroth/Genesis]
Title: Aftermath
Genre: Smut! PWP!.
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 2,569
Pairing: Sephiroth/Genesis.
Warnings: PWP!
Synopsis: After a spar, Genesis takes a shower in the hopes of winding down but Sephiroth is not eager to let him.
AN: As is customary for me, when it’s my Birthday, I give back to the world!

Because showerporn is good porn.Collapse )

If Sherlock was a BBC Comedy...

[Fic] Torn Asunder [Sephiroth/Genesis]
Title: Torn Asunder
Pairing: Sephiroth/Genesis, Angeal/Genesis, Angeal/Zack.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Hurt/Comfort.
Wordcount: 4,769
Warnings: Emotional maelstrom!
Synopsis: We do things we don’t mean, but that doesn’t make it any easier on the ones we injure.
AN: Totally random idea whilst cleaning my fishtank.

For the first time, he was alone.Collapse )

[Fic] A Nocturne [Sephiroth/Genesis]
Title: A Nocturne
Pairing: Sephiroth/Genesis
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff
Wordcount: 1,025
Warnings: ....fluff?
Synopsis: Off duty, they were just two lovers like anyone else.
AN: ...I felt like writing fluff. I have no excuse.

"Nothing but a bag of restless kittens,"Collapse )

Tsuri's hobbies - Nails!
Currently teaching myself, but these are the first ones I've done -

Details~ [image heavy]Collapse )

[Review] Princess Mimi Green Apple [Circle Lens]

After yearning for some coloured contacts for the best part of my life, I decided to bite the bullet and buy some circle lens from The site had been recommended to me by a college friend of mine and after snooping around various websites, they were the cheapest and the easiest to buy from. UK-based!

I looked around their stocks for months, trying to find what I would say was the “best” green contact - as in, best colour/best reviews...

Naturally, my eyes are rather quite dark.

In the end, I went with the GEO Berry Cessy Green and GEO Princess Mimi Green Apple.

I ordered from the batch, which gives some decent offers, such as: buy 1, get 1 half price or buy 4 pairs and get 1 free. Buying this way does mean a long wait, since you have to wait until the batch closes and then the batch to get from Korea to London. All in all, I think it took just over a month. But, when you're getting quite the discount, it's worth the wait,

Usually, they arrive in a white package (but since I was lucky enough to win the iwantcute prize giveaway, mine arrived in a cardboard box). Inside, however, was the smaller white package that contained the 2 pairs of contacts in storage vials and 2 free contact cases

There’s also a discount code on the package for your next order, if you choose to order with them again, which I most certainly will!

Berry Cessy

Princess Mimi

I was most eager to try the Princess Mimi, since the colour and size of them was fantastic.

They’re 15mm, which makes the eyes look massive. They're also very popular in Japan at the moment. They've been advertised in the last few months of Koakuma Ageha.

The Princess Mimi really do have that enlargement factor that achieve the look that Japanese models have. They do look so... doll like. I think this is because they make little attempt to look natural. The colour does go from bright green to a hazel towards the centre to blend with your natural iris, but the thick black circle around the rim does draw all attention.

Most importantly, however, the Princess Mimi lens are so comfortable despite being so big. I've never worn contacts before and after a few minutes, I couldn't even feel them anymore.

Without flash and with - the colour stands out enough without, even on eyes as dark as mine!

I would really recommend these for people interested in Ageha or Hime Gyaru fashions.



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